BEHIND THE DESIGN - Brushed Imperfections

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Our first in the Spring/ Summer 2020 collection is our Brushed series. Four vibrant variations feature a paint-brushed fabric on the outside with brushed fleece softness on the inside.

Think 'elements of precision with spaces for recreation' when you embrace this design.

For, with every stroke, an artist uses her paintbrush as an extension of her mind. She dabs her brush into paint... then glides it onto a primed surface. Truly, the brush feels exactly what her mind wants. Yet, when she lifts her hand to see what was made, she finds unpainted streaks abandoned by unruly bristles. These imperfections are not mistakes! They are miniature blank canvases that are open for recreation and new possibilities.

You ARE artwork!

God knows precisely what you're made of...

and how you can uniquely create possibilities in the empty spaces!

The 2020 Brushed fabric was created to remind you of this and what you can do! Wear it with pride, beauty, and love as you daily prepare yourself for the new!

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