The lush greenery, rolling topography, and canvased heavens that encompass the earth paint a simulated picture of power, independence, resilience, and strength to the bemused eye.

A painting so faultless can only hang for so long when illness, warfare, and fire become privy.

Fragility pervades; durability subsides...

... but, hope will never be lost!

'ASEEY - (feminine) one who tends to the weak and heals'

Palette Wear's color-blocked ASEEY EARTH hoodie was made to unify a God-led ASEEY army. Called with grace to tend to the weak and lead peace, a new painting can be restored.

In light of unfortunate events in Beirut, Lebanon this August, this month's donations will be passed on to those in need of emergency support through World Vision Canada.

Please keep the citizens of Lebanon and their families in your prayers !

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